Our collaborators



As a specialist agency, Searce values highly the relationships it has with its working partners.

These relationships provide two important additional dimensions to the services we can provide:

  • Firstly, it can add depth and resources to our core services. Our links to other research professionals around the EU, with particular sector-specific experience where required, can bring additional capacity to our work, particularly if a project is relatively large or time consuming, or if it involves work in many countries.
  • Secondly, it can bring in additional services that are not part of our core service package. This is particularly relevant for activities that are looking right through a value chain from producers to the market place, rather than a pure market focus.


Our key partners/collaborators include:


TMI is our collaborative partner in Nepal. Since 2016 we jointly work on a sustainable sourcing project for organic certified essential oils to the French market. TMI has a long experience working with farmers in the higher districts of the Himalaya. To improve their livelihood trainings are given on sustainable harvesting, organic cultivation following the GACP and processing of raw MAPs (Medicinal and Aromatic plants). TMI has excellent contacts with local cooperatives, small NGOs and local government agencies. Read more at http://mountain.org

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Match Maker Associates is our collaborative partner in Tanzania and provides a range of private sector development services, which includes value chain analysis, development and implementation, project design, management and evaluation, training and mentoring, strategic business planning and enterprise financing. Match Maker Associates, who works in East and Southern Africa, is committed to economic growth through sustainable, market-based investment that involve African smallholders. Read more www.mma-ltd.com

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Swisscontact Germany is a non-profit organisation and has been working in developing countries and in Eastern Europe for more than 50 years with the aim of advancing sustainable social, ecological and economic development. Their ambition is to fight poverty effectively, and permanently. Swisscontact supports local economic development through consultancy, training and project management. Read more www.swisscontact.net

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Pur Project is our collaborator in France. Their job is to find growth drivers for green businesses that we support. This is particularly in the agro-industry by reducing its environmental footprint and by reinvesting the gains in the regeneration of the ecosystem on which a company depends. These drivers can take place at different levels in the value chain, from suppliers to customers, and in different departments such as purchasing, logistics, sales and marketing or in human resources.

The regeneration of ecosystems on which companies depend, mainly concerns reforestation, agroforestry and forest conservation. In this respect, the tree has multiple functions in regenerating effects. For example, in regenerating water, biodiversity, soil, crop yields and in farmers’ incomes. These projects have multiple benefits for local people and their environment (landscape, water quality, biodiversity, various amenities). Read more www.purprojet.com

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texƧture is one of our collaborative partners in the UK for textiles. TexƧture is an independent advisory firm with European roots and global reach. They help players in the fashion, textile and jewellery industry to recognise and mitigate strategic and operational risk, and become long-term sustainable. texƧture believes that a 360° sustainability approach is the only future-oriented and enduring form of competitive advantage that exists. They exclusively offer all relevant expertise and experts to help decision makers across the full depth and width of the value chain in their efforts to understand internalised and externalised risk, become transparent and accountable, and open up new markets while maintaining old ones. In this way, texƧture helps companies create lasting advantage by fostering sustainability and innovation. Read more http://texSture.com

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ECOSTRATEGIE is an independent agency founded in 2008 being fully dedicated to enhance and encourage the sustainable development within governmental institutions, NGOs, universities and companies. The founder and our trusted collaborative partner Odile Labeille has a strategic approach to CSR and she has excellent skills in training, consultancy, research, evaluation and organizing events. Read more www.ecostrategie.com

Jan Pieter Servaas, located in the Netherlands, who is our trusted partner in market research and business analysis. He is specialist and trainer with a long and extensive experience in the clothing, footwear, household textiles and furnishing sectors.