Our Field

The European market is the main field in which we operate. The majority of our research activities was for NGOs, Trade Associations, Trade Promotion Organisations or related industrial bodies that are looking to develop and promote their member's business in the key European markets. Have a look at       some of the general profiles of each country and at some particular changes in consumer lifestyles that we find important for the coming years.

Searce specialises in creating insights within Europe, and in the trade between the Europe and the rest of the world, including developing countries. While Europe remains one of the most important trading regions of the world, there are significant differences between the countries of Europe in terms of how business is done, how consumers behave and where opportunities lie. Searce understands these differences and can make sense of them.

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EU Consumer lifestyles

In each European country, consumer behaviour is different. Markets have evolved independently of each other. However, in recent years, the growth of globalisation, multinational companies, international travel, the Internet and international branding has resulted in greater similarity between markets.

Conversely, European consumers are also looking for more individuality in the products or brands they buy to help them express their personality, lifestyle, beliefs, emotion or moods. Each year brings a new set of trends and predictions that marketers hope will create new products and opportunities. Some of the trends specific to the sectors in which we work are short term, and most are informed by the broader, longer-term changes that are taking place in our lifestyles.

Insight is enhanced by being able to look at how lifestyles are changing, and by anticipating the implications of such changes on our shopping and buying behaviour. The key drivers of change are demographic, social, economic, environmental and technological.

The lifestyle changes we have selected have been around in varying degrees for some time, they have not been prioritised. Rather, they serve to highlight the opportunities and threats facing you as you seek to engage in a very competitive marketplace, and how Searce can help you make sense of what is happening.

We have chosen the following trends: