Why searce ?


Our thorough approach ensures that we combine your business needs and research questions with clear results. We aim to do this with efficient use of time and budget.

  • We use a short communication line to understand clearly what our clients require.
  • Deadlines will be met, even if we work from different countries.
  • We aim to make better use of your resources and save your time and money, which may be wasted if you do your own research in different European countries.
  • We have access to a wider network of skilled researchers and sector-specific experts and partners across Europe and elsewhere.
  • We do not employ junior or unqualified personnel to collect or analyse information on our behalf.


  • All reports are read by a native English speaker before they are submitted. We can also write reports in other languages (French, Spanish, Dutch etc..).
  • Independence and objectivity underpin our work and how it is presented.
  • We attach great importance to transparency in how we work with our clients. We respect your goals and treat each relationship confidentially.
  • Sustainability is an essential dimension of our work and forms an important consideration in the solutions we recommend.