Our advice and insights encompass the breadth of topics that organisations need when they want to enter new markets, investigate new channels, develop new products, target new customers, identify relevant trends and generally develop their business in a sustainable way. 

We can assist clients already operating within Europe, as well as those wishing to enter this market for the first time, from both developed and developing countries.




Examples of some of what you want to know or need to know:

  • What is the market potential for my product? In which niche does my product fit?
  • Should I develop a special product/range for exports?
  • Which countries offer the best opportunities?
  • Do any of the smaller, emerging markets offer good prospects?
  • Which market segments are likely to grow in future? What growth rates are expected?
  • Are there any socio-cultural developments favouring the future consumption of my product?
  • Which lifestyle changes and which (seasonal) trends offer opportunities for my product?
  • How do they impact on the design or adaptation of my product?
  • How are my key competitors performing? What is the key to their success? How will my competitors react to our market entry?
  • How important are domestic suppliers in my target markets, how diverse is the supplier base?