The mobile world

Without doubt, one of the most important lifestyle developments in the last 10 years has been how the Internet has invaded virtually every aspect of our lives. This has accelerated more recently with hi-speed wireless connections, the growth of mobile phone applications that enable people to do conduct their lives wherever they are, as well as social media. The extent to which this is taking hold varies between countries.  

Out of a European population of 501 million in 2011, over 71% or 359 million people used the Internet, while there were 171 million people registered with the social network site Facebook (penetration of 34%). The most active Internet users were in the north of Norway where over 80% of consumers used this medium to order goods and services for private use in 2010. Europe also leads the world in broadband connectivity with fixed and mobile broadband penetration reaching 26% and 54% respectively. The European mobile phone market may be reaching saturation levels with over 120 subscriptions per 100 inhabitants (ranging from 185 in Montenegro and 149 in Italy as the highest to 100 in France and 84 in Turkey as the lowest). However, market growth will continue as most consumers are interested in the latest upgrades.