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The Luxury Goods Market has continued to grow throughout the economic downturn, particularly jewellery and watches. However, the European market has under-performed compared to elsewhere in the world. Interestingly, the European market has held up largely because of purchases by tourists, especially Chinese tourists. Meanwhile mainstream fashion is a tougher environment, still heavily price driven and consumers are no longer replacing their clothing or accessories as frequently as they did five years ago.


Italy continues to be the leading European market for fashion and luxury goods, some 20% bigger than France and around double the size of the equivalent markets in the UK and Germany. However, the leading fashion houses face increasingly stiff competition from imports, especially from India, China and Thailand.

The figure indicates that imports of the key Fashion & Luxury product groups in Italy have increased by over 50% over the past decade from €17 billion to over €26 billion.




Meanwhile average growth rates in consumption for e.g. gold jewellery outperformed the European average in most of the new Member States of Eastern Europe.

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