Donors must work together

Donors must work closer together to deliver. The Practitioners network of the European Development Cooperation brings together the main actors.

Donor organizations are increasingly realising they have to work closer together for effective action in developing countries. Donor cooperation has been taken a step forward through the work of the Practitioners Network of European Development Cooperation, which was formed in 2007 as an informal group of bilateral donors.

The Network shares experience about how to make our work as effective as possible”. The network brings together the main actors in the European Development Aid community, principally the two European institutions (EuropeAid and the EIB) and more than 30 bilateral organisations from different European countries with very diverse characteristics, histories, competences, sizes, priorities.

The recent UN High Level Summit on the Millennium Development Goals New York called upon donors to pull together and to strengthen partnerships with the private sector. "We need to bring the private sector alongside donors to foster growth in developing countries”.


Published on 1 March 2011