UK Trend back-to-basics

A trend in the UK toward back to basics

There is something about going back to basics among middle class people in the UK. As the trend watcher, Faith Popcorn recently said, “we’re shifting from bling and flash to no-logo apparel and accessories

People will have to prioritize their spending, choosing necessary expenditure for instance on energy first, and luxuries last. The recession is a reason to be ecological, ethical and Spartan. In food, turnips have been hot – with one major supermarket recently reporting a sales increase of 75% in 12 months. There are many recipes for this usually unpopular vegetable. People seem to turn away from prepared meals and are instead buying raw products to save money. Turnips are quite bulky and in stews and casseroles. They can also be sliced up raw and mixed into salads, or fried in oil." Some British greengrocers reported that they were struggling to meet the demand for this vegetable.


In addition, the fireplace is back in demand for both symbolic and financial reasons. Sales of wood-burning and multi-fuel stoves – the classic “heart of the home” are up 40% on last year (2008) as people come to terms with the rising costs of electricity, oil and gas. As one expert said, “If you have wood stacked in your backyard it's like your piggy bank”. Or as another put it, “the hearth is now the focus of my house, and the television comes a poor second.”


There is also the so-called “credit crunch chic” such as a timeless and classic LBD (little black dress) offered at the high-street chain ASDA for a recession-friendly price of 18€. 


Published on 17 April 2010