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The UK is the largest Fair Trade market in Europe, while the Czech Republic is the fastest growing. Despite the recession, Fair trade sales goes from strenght to strenght, and Ethical Fasion is slowly growing up. Buyers of mainstream brands recognise its importance. In the coming years, designers, producers and all other stakeholders in the clothing and textile value chain will have to work hard to overcome the 'Ethical fashion is equal to poor design' image. Read more

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Searce an international research agency providing high quality marketing providing high quality marketing advice to create sustainable business solutions for SMEs. Especially in developing countries the main challenges are often related to improve their marketing efforts and skills.

 Trend - Insight:  It's all about my world

Home - My world 1a siteTwo counter trends are at play within the social changes. Firstly the increase in multi-generational households. Young people cannot afford to rent a place by themselves (e.g. 37% of 30 old-men in Italy live with their parents). Secondly, there is a growth in single households (e.g. 44% of all households in Sweden). This implies a growing demand for smaller dwelling spaces, adaptation of furniture and for products designed for singles. Here, insights in specific need single-target groups, design factor and brand identity will become crucial in order to be successful. Read more

  • UK Trend back-to-basics +

    A trend in the UK toward back to basics There is something about going back to basics among middle class Read More
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